About us


Whitechapel Holdings, Inc (WCH) is a C corporation registered in Delaware and is currently made up of two wholly owned subsidiaries:

  • Laughing Frogs, The online sales portal for Whitechapel’s legal, unique and proprietary Hemp derived CBD product line.
  • Runnymede Farm, A 193-acre farm in Northern California that is licensed to cultivate hemp (acquisition ongoing)


Whitechapel’s goal is to become the premier vertically integrated CBD/hemp-based medical product company in the market.


Whitechapel takes into account three pillars of thought that guide the development of the business:

  1. Hemp & CBD are conventional products used by a broad spectrum of consumers,
  2. Trusted brands will be the future of the industry.


Whitechapel’s plans to achieve and sustain profitability through a suite of product sales, licensing of technologies, “white label” products, and contract services as part of a broader objective to develop a complete, value-driven and vertically integrated business organization which will become the premier “seed-to-sale” hemp-based medical product company in the market. To accomplish this goal, the Company has developed both an “internal strategic plan” and an “external strategic plan”.

The internal strategic plan is to control every stage from planting to the end user what we term “seed-to-sale.” This approach will:

(a) continue the emphasis on new product development,

(b) expand the product portfolio,

(c) improve product margins,

(d) improve the product success through awareness, and

(e) create tighter cost controls.

Our external strategic plan is to position WCH to achieve growth through the acquisition and/or merger of valuable intellectual properties, adjacent product companies, licensed agricultural resources, and processing companies. The acquisitions will form WCH as a broader-based company of greater value than could be achieved through just internal growth in a meaningful period of time.


We believe that our product quality is surpasses that of our competitors. Our products are formulated and produced (using proprietary formulas) with high potency, full spectrum organically grown, non herbicide, non fungicide CBD oil. Each spray has a different formula to address the specific health and wellness complaint that the product addresses.  there is a niche market opportunity in the health and wellness space by targeting people aged 45+. This is a demographic that has a clinically proven track record of health issues that CBD based products can address.


Consumers want comfort, happiness, and satisfaction in their lives. If the brands they use consistently deliver a positive experience, then consumers form an opinion that the brand is trustworthy, which in turn gives consumers peace of mind when buying; driving brand loyalty.

Direct sales

Whitechapel believes that the direct selling model, i.e., Herbalife, Avon, etc. is a perfect channel for its health and wellness products.

Retail distributors

Relationships with existing retail distributors as well as many dispensaries and smoke shops presents an enormous opportunity.

Online distributors

Whitechapel is creating stores at both Amazon and Facebook in order to tap into the largest marketplace possible.

E-commerce sales

Online sales began on September 2018 via its wholly owned subsidiary  Laughing Frogs.


Whitechapel has developed a strong business plan along with an experienced management team and already has a fully operating business. Whitechapel’s goal is to achieve and sustain profitability through a suite of product sales, licensing technologies, “white label” products, and through providing a wide range of ancillary contract services designed specifically for the hemp cultivation industry which, still in its infancy, such as business consulting, equipment leasing and best of breed partnerships.